Outdoor Living Spaces in Tampa Florida

At Brick Pavers Tampa we offer the best paver installation, brick paver repair and brick paver sealing Tampa, Florida has to offer. With a classic brick paver back yard patio you can easily add a Tampa Outdoor Kitchen Builders and general outdoor living spaces in Tampa for your family. Check out our reviews and see what other customers have said about their experience with us! Excavating contractors in Tampa are standing by to help​

At Brick Pavers Tampa we are the number one installer of brick pavers, paving stone and interlocking pavers across the Greater Tampa, Fl area, our service area stretches from doing brick pavers in Riverview to Sarasota, Fl to Ocala, Fl. With over 25+ years experience working in the greater Tampa, FL area and our clients safety and desires are our top concern. Having over a quarter century of experience has given us the opportunity to see how various landscapes and brick paver designs work in order to make the best suggestions possible when our clients need input or need suggestions for their yard.

We use the highest quality paving stones, interlocking pavers and brick pavers that happen to be manufactured locally here in Tampa, Florida. When deciding which manufacturer of brick pavers we would use for our brick paver installs we took into consideration the types of paver and quality we would want installed at our own house as well as what we would want someone to install at our parents house. We came up with the following, we prefer longer lasting pavers that can be purchased at the most reasonable cost in a large range of beautiful color choice and styles.

Whichever design of brick paver you are trying to find we will be able to provide it with ease. Because of the sizable amount of paving our company manages we have the capability to pass along our savings to our clients. You can also consider adding a vinyl fence in Riverview.

Our main goal at Brick Pavers Tampa has long been our solid commitment to making clients happy and completely satisfied. We are a small corporation that is personal enough to make our clients feel as if they’re the only ones we have. We cherish individuals and each clients vision, and we do our best to provide you with professional, well timed service presented with confidence and coming from a cornerstone of integrity.

Plainly stated, we are a superb option for any of your paving requirements.

Brick Pavers for your driveway can create a great mosiac piece of art or a paver expert that can build you a new driveway, rebuild driveways or simply repair driveway pavers can really prove their worth and having the best jobs in Tampa. We might as well be a Tampa Staffing Agency with the amount of work we provide for our great city as well.

We can help you design something that complements your landscaping and additionally helps to bring out the natural beauty of your home and garden. Dynamic Pavers carries a wide variety of beautiful brick pavers and concrete pavers that are elegant and long lasting. We know you’ll be happy after you’ve called Dynamic Pavers because we are committed to over delivering the quality you expect at a price you’ll love. Schedule an appointment by calling today,

Brick Pavers is devoted to providing you a professional yet personable approach to your paver needs. This is the reason a great deal of our new work comes from friends and family of delighted clients. Pavers Tampa takes pride in keeping the largest network of satisfied customers. Check out what our previous customers have had to say

Advantage of Brick Pavers

  • Paving Stones Increase Property Value
  • 4x Stronger Than Concrete
  • Better Weight Distribution
  • Remarkable Elegance and Beauty
  • Good Long Term Investment!

Disadvantages of Concrete Driveways Tampa, Fl

  • Cracked Concrete Driveways Lower Home Value
  • Concrete Strength Is Inferior to Paving Stones
  • Can’t Repair Concrete Without Ugly Scarring
  • Does Not Flex Well Under Stress
  • Bland And Dull-Looking Driveways
  • Concrete Will Cost You More In The Long-Run

Cleaning Brick Pavers Tampa Florida

Brick Paver Repair and Brick Paver Sealing

Brick Pavers stand the test of time. However, regular paver cleaning is a necessary part of paver maintenance to ensure they last longer. Much like a concrete driveway moss, algae, and lichens can contaminate the stones that make the pavers unpleasant to look at. But there are a few simple ways to remedy this.

Cleaning Brick Pavers Tampa Florida

Each paver material requires a different way of cleaning. Take note that cleaning the brick pavers correctly is a key towards their preservation. For example, bricks easily absorb stains and oils compared to other types of pavers.

Though most pavers are cleaned using high pressure cleaners, this is not the case for brick pavers. High pressure can damage the bricks and so the best way to clean them is using a low pressure cleaner. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, have color pigments, the use of chemicals for cleaning must be watched out because frequent chemical use can cause discoloration and fading.

Cleaning Driveway Pavers Florida | Brick Pavers Tampa Florida

The general rule of thumb when cleaning pavers is that you act on cleaning the stains as soon as you see them. Take note that the longer you wait to act on a stain, the harder it will be removed from the paver.

For at home cleaning, there are simple ways you can deal with specific stains. However, you should be careful in doing this task as it may damage the pavers if not done correctly. Here are some suggestions in paver cleaning:

  • Blood and food stains. Use liquid detergent and let is set on the stain for around 30 minutes. Rinse the area off with hot water. The earlier you attend to the stains, the easier they can be removed.
  • Efflorescence. Though this is a natural residue on the surface of the paver, it can be cleaned using muriatic acid.
  • Mortar. Wait for the mortar to harden and then you can remove it using a chisel.
  • Moss and algae. Anti-algae and moss solutions can be purchased to help deal with moss and algae when cleaning pavers.
  • Rust. You can use hydrochloric acid to remove rust on pavers.

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